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Yarrow Plant

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Yarrow Plant grow in a variety of colors.

Hardy Planting Zone- The Yarrow plant do well in zones 3-9. However, certain cultivars have been bred to flourish in other zones.

Bloom Season – Depending on the climate and time planted, Yarrow could bloom in early summer or early fall. The warmer the growing zone, the earlier bloom time. Blooms can last three months or more. 

Bloom Color – There are many varieties of Yarrow with different colors. Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) has a white bloom. It is common to find Yarrow blooms with pink, white, red, yellow, purple, and lilac, among other colors. There are also multiple shades of reds, purples, lilacs, and yellows.

Height at Maturity –Depending on the species of Yarrow planted, growth at maturity ranges from 8 inches to 5 feet.

 Soil Type Preferred- The hardy Yarrow plant prefers sand or loamy soil and grows well in regions with dry heat. Yarrow does not do well with constant wet or moist soil. Do not overwater and keep the soil well-drained—only water when the soil is parched.

Sun or Shade – Though Yarrow can grow in the partial sun and will be listless and leggy. Yarrow will grow from seeds or tip cuttings. Full sun is required when planting to start it off. Yarrow loves the sun and the heat. Yarrow should be planted in early spring or summer.

The Yarrow Plant (Achillea spp.) is a hardy perennial with clusters of tiny flowers among the foliage.

 The blooms come in a wide range of colors. Some of the colors are pastels, and there are multiple shades of the same colors. There are cultivars with contrasting colors of the center stamen and blooms. 

Yarrow is a North American plant that is easy to care for and does well as ground cover and used as borders. 

Yarrow is hardy and will not die if you water infrequently. However, Yarrow can not stand constant moisture and excessive water. 

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