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Wisteria Vine

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Blue Wisteria Vine - Wisteria Frutescens

Blue Wisteria Vine has two other spellings, and they are Wistaria and Wysteria, and it is in the pea family called Fabaceae, which includes at least ten species of woody climbing vines. Mostly used as an ornamental plant and very popular as an ornamental plant in China and Japan. Common names are also wisteria or called water wisteria. Flower colors can be red, blue, purple and white. In the spring, it is very showy and has cascading flowers that are in clusters that do provide a quick growing color. The vine/shrub can get up to about ten feet, and that takes about a year for that to happen. For a new freshly planted one, it will take it about six years to hit that ten feet, sometimes a little longer. It will and can cover landscapes, so having it grow around a tree or buildings or the side of your house gives everything an unusual artistic look. The Wisteria has a very nice perfume smell to it and can also be a beautiful violet, blue or lavender color and looks its best in the mid to late spring. This vine/shrub is known as Blue Moon and makes a great draping coverage for an outdoor plant home. In June this vine/shrub blooms beautiful pea-like blue flowers. In addition to the blooming in June, during the summer additional blooming flushes this vine. In autumn, the pod-like flowers on the shrub ripe and they continue on into the winter season. The deep green leaves on this plant have approximately 9 ovate leaflets per leaf for a beautiful addition to the Blue Moon flowers that exist throughout the vine/shrub. This particular type of vine/shrub is a less aggressive grower than other wisterias. It can grow its flowers in about two to three years after planting which can be slow, but well worth the wait. The Blue Moon vine is especially famous for it's strong, beautiful fragrance to go along with its lovely blue-violet flowers.

Climate Zone: 4 to 9
Mature Height: 8 to 25 feet
Sunlight: Prefers full to partial sun
Blooming Season: spring
Soil Conditions: moist to well-drained
Ships As: Bareroot Plant

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Description: Wisteria Vine is mostly used as an ornamental plant. In the spring, it is very showy and has cascading flowers that are in clusters that do provide a quick growing color.