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Wisteria Plant 2-3 Feet

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Wisteria Plant grow quickly and vigorously, requiring little upkeep beyond an annual pruning.

Wisteria produces lovely flowers which are fragrant and aromatic

Home gardeners who want a pop of vibrant color should consider adding Wisteria, a pea family member. It is native to Korea, China, Japan, and the Eastern portion of the United States. This plant was named by the botanist Thomas Nutall as a memorial to Dr. Caspar Wistar. 


 Wisteria produces vines that climb by winding their stems clockwise around an object of support. This plant can climb up to 66 feet from the ground and reach a spread of 33 feet. It produces lovely flowers in violet, pink, purple, or white shades, some of which are fragrant and aromatic. It typically flowers in the spring or early summer months. 

 Wisteria grows in zones 4 through 9

 This winding vine grows best in full or partial sun, where it produces the highest quality flowers. It's recommended for growth in USDA hardiness zones 4, 5, 6.7, and 9. Wisteria thrives in well-drained soils, especially if compost is added. This plant can be grown in the spring or fall season. Due to its climbing characteristics, it is often used in the home landscape setting and is placed around a trellis or porch. It also makes an incredibly fragrant addition to any landscape setting, especially during the spring season.

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