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 Wintercreeper  is a fast-growing shrubby plant, often used for groundcover.

Wintercreeper - Euonymus fortunei grows in zones 5 through 9

The Wintercreeper, or Euonymus fortunei, grows in USDA hardiness zones 5-8. While native to China, it was introduced to and currently thrives in the northwestern, northeastern, and mid-western United States and Canada. The largest plants are considered medium in size, measuring between 12" and 24", while the smaller plants measure between 6" and 12". They reach their mature height quickly, as their growth rate is classified as fast. The Wintercreeper is resilient and will survive in full sun, partial sun, or full shade. As an evergreen, it will provide rich foliage throughout each of the seasons.

Wintercreeper are low-lying groundcovers

For the healthiest plant, the best soil selections should be well-drained and moist. However, soil that is too moist may kill the plant if left untended for an extended period. The oval-shaped, simple, and opposite evergreen leaves produced typically do not exceed 1" long and are present in various shades of glossy green. Red to pink capsules contain the plant's seeds, which are protected by an orange-tinted coating. In landscaping, the plant may be used to create mixed borders, surround or line sidewalks and patios, create massing, or even plant in pots. The ten different types of Wintercreeper are the Big-leaved Wintercreeper, Baby Wintercreeper, Canadale Gold Wintercreeper, Emerald 'n' Gold Emerald Gaiety Wintercreeper, Glossy Wintercreeper, Gold Prince Wintercreeper, Moon-shadow Little Leaved Wintercreeper, Purple Leaved Wintercreeper, and the Sarcoxie Wintercreeper. Each of these exhibits different variations of the Wintercreeper that make it unique, whether those variations are in color, leaf shape, or size. Some of these are low-lying ground covers, some are shrubs, and some are vines. Depending on the specific type, the Wintercreeper may be susceptible to insect problems, like aphid infestations or Euonymus scale, so you should take appropriate preventative measures to increase its longevity. Other common issues are leaf spots, mildew, and anthracnose.

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