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Willow Oak Tree

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Willow Oak Tree  can adapt to a wide variety of soil

Willow Oak Tree 



Hardy Planting Zone - Grows best in zones 5 to 9

Bloom Season (if any) - Spring

Bloom Color - Yellow-green

Height at Maturity - Reaches 40 to 75 feet tall

Soil Type Preferred - Well-drained, loamy soil

Sun or Shade - Full sun


Plant Description: This deciduous tree grows best in hardiness zones 5 to 9 and should be planted in a spacious area to make room for its growth. The willow oak tree can grow up to 40 to 75 feet tall in its lifetime and reaches its mature height in about two years. The tree can spread out to reach up to 25 to 50 feet from its trunk. The leaves of the willow oak tree are shaped like willow leaves and are where it gets its name. They are bright green, oblong leaves that are up to 4 inches long. Small yellow-green flowers grow in spring before leaf growth begins. After 15 years of age, the willow oak tree will start producing acorns. The deciduous tree works in most soil types, requiring well-draining to prevent root rot. If a large tree is preferred, then planting in a location that receives full sun is required. The willow oak tree can tolerate partial shade, but its branches will be weaker and unable to support a larger size. The tree requires regular watering during its root establishment but can tolerate drought conditions after they are set. In a typical tree, pruning is only needed to remove dead branches and shape the tree. If planted in a lower light area, regular pruning will be required to prevent upper limbs from growing straggly towards the sun. Upper branches are to be cut back to allow for more energy to build a more substantial structure. Willow oak trees are typically planted for the shade their large forms can produce.


Willow Oak Tree


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    Willow Oak Tree order

    Posted by John on Dec 13, 2020

    Purchased 5 Willow Oak trees (3-4’). They arrived in good order. I noticed one of the trees was not a Willow Oak. I emailed back that I noticed one of the trees was not a Willow Oak but a different type of Oak tree. I followed up with an email asking why the 5th tree was not a Willow Oak. They explained they didn’t have anymore Willow Oak trees to send. I asked why they didn’t tell me about this. Not much of an explanation other than they didn’t have any more Willow Oaks. Wish there was more communication input this order. No plans to make this right.