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Willow Oak Tree Seedlings

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Willow Oak Tree Seedlings grows best planted in hardy zones 5-9 .

Hardy Planting Zone- 3 to 9 

 Bloom Season - Spring 

 Bloom Color – Yellowish green 

 Height at Maturity –Up to 75 feet tall 

 Soil Type Preferred- Moist soil 

 Sun or Shade-Full sun 

 The willow oak will grow up to 75-feet tall in many types of soils if it is consistently wet. 

It spreads out to be about 50-feet wide at maturity. 

 This member of the red oak family takes good characteristics from many other members of the family. It has a rounded oak shape when mature with lots of foliage, making it an ideal choice for a shade tree. Before reaching maturity, the tree may have a pyramidal form. 

 This sun-loving tree has a dark gray trunk. As the tree matures, deep furrows develop in the bark, adding visual interest to this tree. 

 The willow oak’s leaves are light green. They have smooth edges with a bristle-tipped top. These leaves are narrow and can be up to 9-inches long while seldom more than 1-inch across. In the autumn, the leaves turn a dull gold to yellowish-brown color. 

 It blooms in mid-spring with yellowish-green male and female flowers on the same tree. The flowers, which appear about the same time as the leaves, are hard to notice unless you look closely. Both sexes appear in downy catkins. The wind pollinates the flowers. 

 This tree prolifically produces round acorns that are between 0.25-and-0.50-inches long that take two years to mature. You should not expect acorns to appear until the tree is about 15 years old. 

 This tree grows about 24 inches annually, making it an outstanding choice as a foundation tree.

 It does very well in wet conditions, but a mature willow oak can withstand short drought conditions. It is not harmed by most air pollution or salt, making it ideal for planting along roadways.                               

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