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Wild Red Raspberry

Wild Red Raspberry

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Red Raspberry bush produces beautiful red berries that are very delicious. They grow to be around four to five feet tall and will become similar to a vine. These berries will be sweet in flavor and works great when added to recipes.  It is a perennia

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Wild Red Raspberry are truly one of nature’s gifts.

As a perennial, raspberry bushes are continuous givers of fuzzy, little, red berries filled with highly nutritious anti-oxidants. These juicy, penny-sized fruits are not only aesthetically appealing in their bright, vibrant red but also contain many benefits to human health with each succulent bite. Red Raspberry bushes can grow between 2-5 feet in height, provided a healthy environment with full sun exposure and plenty of circulation. Harsh wind or lack of sun can affect the plant’s production and health. They require rich, well-drained soil that has been tilled before planting. They should be planted during the Spring season; thus, their fruits will be ready to harvest the following Spring, Summer and Autumn. Raspberry bushes are fairly low maintenance, only needing about 1-1.5 inches of water per week. Water the soil instead of the plant to avoid rotting.

After their first production of fruits, one must prune the branches in order for the bush to continue to form berries the following season.

To identify a Red Raspberry bush, look for the display of light green leaves in the shape of a spade. Before the birth of the berry, the bush produces beautiful, star-shaped, white flowers. As these flowers blossom into fruits, these plants prove to be a good edition for edible landscaping. Because the plant is not too large, these bushes make an attractive extension to the side of the house or an arm’s distance away from the patio; just make sure they can get 6-8 hours of sunlight in those decorative spots! Raspberry bushes need about 3-5 feet of spacious room to grow as well. Raspberry bushes are fairly low maintenance when growing in their proper, natural conditions. They are less likely to be eaten by small animals compared to other brighter, larger fruits that lay lower to the ground. As they continue to harvest in the Autumn season, insects and birds will be even less of a worry.


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