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Wild Ginger

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Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger from the Asarum species belongs to the Birthwort family. It’s common in deciduous and coniferous forests in North America and Europe.

Wild Ginger is commonly used as a medicine and as a spice.

Hardy Planting Zone

 Wild ginger is slow to establish but spread by rhizomes below the soil surface. Most species of Wild Ginger are evergreens, but a few are deciduous. Ginger should be planted in shady areas or shade gardens and thrive in moist, rich, well-drained soil.

Bloom Season and Color

 Depending on your variety of Wild Ginter, you will see flowers bloom in early spring to summer, although some species stop producing flowers as early as May. Variations of flower color range from deep maroon brown to fleshy white trumpets. The flowers are almost invisible because they grow underneath a dense layer of leaves.

Height at Maturity

Most species of Wild Ginger will reach about 6 inches in height and grow in a clump 6 to 12 inches wide.

This plant likes to form a symbiotic relationship with fungi.

Soil Type Preferred

 Wild Ginger will need rich, moist, loamy soil. It must maintain a temperature of 65 to 70 degrees until it germinates in 2 to 4 weeks. When the seedlings get large enough, they can be moved into pots for their first year before planting in soil.

Sun or Shade

 Wild Ginger needs to grow in partial or complete shade. Wild Ginger should plant mature plants in the garden in late winter, a month before the last killing frost. Seeds can be started indoors in the early spring but have to be placed in the freezer for three weeks before planting in flats or pots.

Plant Description

 Wild Ginger needs to be watered regularly and planted in shade gardens or among trees in foresty areas. Most species have heart-shaped leaves and hairy stems. Ginger grows in dense, dull-green mats six to eight inches in height.

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