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Blackberry Plant

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Blackberry Plans produce a delicious, edible berry.

Blackberry Plant 

Delicious and hardy blackberry plants will produce bountiful fruit when they are taken care of properly.

 Blackberries will grow well in USDA zones 3-9. They are a popular plant in the west and can tolerate a broad range of climate conditions. Blackberries will begin blooming from the middle of April to early May if they are planted in USDA zone 7 and south. If grown in the colder climates found north of area 7, you can expect the blooms to begin in the latter part of May.

 When examined closely, the blackberry plant's flowers are white, and the flower itself will have five petals. The leaves of the plant will be dark green. 

Blackberry bushes will typically grow to 3 to 4 feet high and wide but could grow up to ten feet over the years if properly cared for. 

These plants grow best if they are planted in well-drained, fertile soil. Adding a layer of manure or compost will also help the plants grow. Blackberry plants should be planted in areas that get full sunlight.

 Blackberry plants should not be planted in areas where potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, or eggplant have been previously grown. These particular plants are often hosted to a fungus known as Verticillium, causing blackberries to experience root rot. 

 Blackberry plants are perennial shrubs found in the family Rosaceae. There are 237 species of blackberries worldwide; The fruit has three distinct stem types: arching, erect, and trailing. The bush leaves are bright green and prickly, so care must be taken when picking the berries. Blackberry bushes can live up to ten years and are self-fruitful, meaning you will only need to plant one cultivar. Five or six blackberry plants generally produce enough berries for four individuals.

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