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Wild Aster Plant

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Wild Aster Plant  is routinely employed in wildflower gardens, along borders, and standalone beds.

Wild Aster come in a variety of colors

 The Wild aster plant is also known as September's birth flower for its late summer blooms. The name Aster comes from the Greek word for star, which likely relates to the flower's star shape. These daisy-like perennials come in a variety of colors, from white to blue to purple. They are simple to plant and will add a pop of color to a fading garden. These plants will also attract a fair amount of bees and butterflies to help pollinate the garden. Wild aster plants are a wise ecological choice because of their adaptability to many soil types.



 Climate and season


 The Wild Aster plant has a later bloom time. While other flowers are waning, these flowers will remain colorful for the remainder of the season. It is best to plant these flowers from the middle to the end of spring. They will bloom in late Summer, early fall. Their color and beauty will last much longer into the colder months than many other garden varieties. 

 Wild Aster should be placed 1-3ft apart

 The Wild Aster can survive in almost all environments. However, they do not do as well in extremely harsh and dry climates. These flowers should have a relaxed, wet environment for the most optimal blooms. They should not be planted in areas with direct mid-day sun because they require constant hydration. Fair warning, overwatering these plants can cause them to shed their lower leaves. The soil should be moist, loamy, and not oversaturated. For the Wild Aster to thrive, the best practice is to add a nice layer of mulch and compost near the stem. When planted, they should be placed 1-3ft apart. At maturity, these flowers will reach a height from 3-6ft. They are self-seeding, so it may be necessary to thin the plants in late fall.


 Perfect addition to any garden


 Whether you're a beginner gardener or expert, the Wild Aster is a great choice to incorporate into your garden. Wild Aster grows in a wide variety of environments, and they are super adaptable. The Wild Aster is a trendy choice for enhancing the home garden or even residential landscapes; These wildflowers are a great addition to any flowerbed hosting other perennials and shrubs. These flowers will add a little wildness to your garden, giving it a unique and natural look.

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