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White Oak Seedlings

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White Oak Seedlings (White Oak Seedlingsare virtually rot resistant.

White Oak Seedlings 

Hardy Planting Zone- 3 to 9 

 Bloom Season - Spring 

 Bloom Color – Yellowish-green 

 Height at Maturity –Up to 80 feet tall 

 Soil Type Preferred- Acidic well-drained loam 

 Sun or Shade-Full sun 


The white oak tree is a highly adaptable tree that will grow up to 80-feet tall and spread out as wide as it is tall.

 While it prefers to live in acidic, well-drained soil, it will thrive almost anywhere you choose to plant it. This tree is pyramidal when it is young, but it develops a nicely rounded canopy when mature. 

 This species grows a very deep taproot, so be sure to plant it where the soil is loose if you want the tree to grow as tall as possible. 

 As soon as spring arrives, this tree will start growing pinkish leaves up to 9-inches long with five-to-seven lobes. Once days become longer and the leaves mature slightly, they will turn dark green. The Autumn leaf color varies from brown to deep red. 

 In the late spring, it produces male and female flowers that are hard to notice among its leaves. Some of these yellowish-green flowers are male, while others are female. 

 The flowers may be replaced by acorns every four to 10 years. Acorns will rarely occur until the tree is 20 years old and seldom happen before the tree is 50 years old. These acorns may be up to 0.75-inches long and have a warty cap. 

 Plant our white oak trees where they can get full sun. When these trees are young, they have some shade tolerance. When planting, mulch around the tree to avoid nutrient competition with grass and watch your white oak tree thrive. 

 You will love watching the white oak tree grow about 18 inches each year. Its beautiful leaves that change colors throughout the year keep this tree visually interesting.

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