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Swamp White Oak Seedlings

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Swamp White Oak Seedlings belongs to the Beech family

Swamp White Oak Seedlings 

Hardy Planting Zone- The suitable hardy planting zone recommended for swamp white oak trees in zones 3 through 9.

Bloom Season- This tree blooms in April or May.

Bloom Color- The leaves bloom in two different colors. The top of the leaves bloom in dark green, and the undersides of the leaves bloom in gray color.

Height and Maturity- When fully matured, Swamp White Oaks can grow anywhere from 50 to 75 feet tall on average but have been known to grow up to 100 feet.

Soil Type Preferred- They are drought tolerant but do best in moist, acidic, wet, and well-drained soil.

Sun or Shade- Swamp white oaks should be exposed to direct sunlight. At least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day is recommended.


Our swamp white oaks seedlings are a great choice if you’re looking for an attractive tree to grow nice and tall and are known to be a great shade tree. 

This is also considered an excellent option for a generational tree as they are expected to live 300 years or more. This tree grows acorns that are attractive to birds, and in the fall, the leaves turn beautiful fall colors like bronze, yellow, and reddish-purple. The trunk diameter is 2 to 3 feet, and the leaves usually grow from 5 to 7 inches long with shallow lobes that are rounded. When this tree is in the early stages of growth, the bark usually has a flaky, peeling bark with an orange-colored inner bark. Once the tree matures, the bark is dark grayish-brown. 

The swamp white oak is more tolerant of poor drainage than other oaks and is one of the easiest oaks to transplant. 

They are also tolerant of salt, drought, and heat. This tree is considered very durable, making it an excellent option for carpentry, such as flooring and furniture.

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