White Dogwood Tree

White Dogwood Tree

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Latin Name- Cornus Florida Hardy Planting Zone- 5-9 Mature Height- 20-35ft Width-20-30 Sun or Shade- Full Sunshine to Partial Shade

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White Dogwood Tree - Cornus Florida

White Dogwood Tree is a native tree and can be found growing in the mixed forests of the South Eastern United States. This tree the White Dogwood Tree provides a scaled grey bark during the winter months and small flowers that can be purple in color at the ends of branches and limbs. In the spring, the White Dogwood Tree brings light green leaves out that is oval shaped as well as blooms. The flowers of the dogwood variety are white and can span around four inches. These flowers have four petals usually. As the summer comes in the flowers begin to dissipate and the leaves turn to a dark green color. The leaves of the tree turn into a bright red color when the fall months come, looking as though it's on fire. The blooms appear in spring later turn into small red berries. These seeds are then consumed by birds and other animals later in the year. This tree prefers soils that are moist and carry a slight acidity to them. This tree also needs full sunlight to grow, but it can handle some shade. This plant is perfect near homes or buildings, and this tree has deep roots. This small dogwood tree is well known to grow rather quickly and can put on as much as three feet per year, deepening on the conditions. Once this tree reaches around thirty feet it will stop growing. The White Dogwood tree provides beautiful white flowers in spring, thick green foliage in summer, beautiful bright red leaves in fall and red berries relished animals all winter.

Climate Zone: 5 to 9

Mature Height: 20 - 35 Feet

Mature Width: 20 - 30 Feet

Sunlight: Full Sunlight to Partial Shade

Soil Conditions: Moist, Acidic soils

Ships As: Bareroot Plant