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Wetland Plants

Wetland Plants - An Essential Part of a Diverse Ecosystem.

Wetlands and Wetland Plants are important to the environment.

They impact water quality and provide habitats for a multitude of fish and wildlife. These plants are ideal for use in restoration or stormwater projects. Blue Joint Grass (Also commonly known as bluejoint, bluejoint reedgrass, marsh reedgrass, Canadian reedgrass, and meadow pinegrass)  can help combat erosion around lakes and ponds. It spreads quickly by shallow rhizomes. It blooms in late spring to early summer. It's seed spikes add great color. Similarly, Bulrush, of member the sedge family,  will help to stabilize the water's edge. The soft-stemmed bulrush tends to form dense colonies from their rhizomes. Ducks, geese, and birds will eat the seed, shoots, and rhizomes. Sandbar Willow is a beautiful tree with long branches that sway gracefully in the wind. It flowers in the spring  - its small blooms are known as catkins. Catkins allow the tree to pollinate using the wind.
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