Weeping Willow Live Stakes

Weeping Willow Live Stakes

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Weeping Willow Live Stakes is one of the most successful plants to live stake.


Weeping Willow Live Stakes - Salix Babylonica.

Weeping Willow. It needs direct, unfiltered sunlight. It can be expected to grow in hardiness zones 6-8. The weeping willow is an extremely bushy tree that provides lots of shade and can grow at rates of up to 8 feet per year. At maturity, this plant can reach massive heights of over 50 feet tall and has a spread of up to 35 feet in diameter. The preferred soil is flexible, it can have a ph as low as 1 or as high as 14. The soil can also be sandy, clay or a mix of both. The very moist soil is best. It grows well near water but does have drought tolerance. The weeping willow has light green leaves and sweeping branches. 

The weeping willow is one of the first plants to blossom, showing its tiny fuzzy yellow flowers in February in warmer areas and continues until June in colder areas.

In a tropical area April and May are the main months to expect flowers from this plant. The foliage on this plant lasts until late fall. The flowers are 1 to 2 inches long and are called catkins and produce lots of nectar that attracts bees and other insects. The weeping willow provides food for forest animals. It also provides nesting for small birds and other small mammals. The plant is ready for reproduction at 25 to 75 years old. It produces a lot of seeds each spring after the blooming phase. Its seed capsules are light brown and contain several green seeds inside that are released at maturity. Each seed has 12-24 hours to land and germinate. This plant is a great way to control erosion. The roots will help stabilize the sloped soil. Its branches catch root in moist soil pretty fast. New trees have begun from fallen branches of other willows.
Weeping Willow Live Stakes