We offer free trees and plants for governmental and university research projects and programs

If you are a non-profit organization, university or governmental organization and need a few plants for a project, planting or experiment, please do not hesitate to call us and allow us to help you free of charge. We would be more than honored to ship plants for research. There will be no charge as we have not charged in 58 years for our donations. We would appreciate in exchange for a mention of our donation on your website.

We helped over 419 universities, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies get free saplings and liners for medical projects, wetland mitigation experiments and lab science programs. For your free plants, email Tammy at tnnurseryorders@gmail.com and she will absolutely help in any way possible .We will ask for proof of your affiliation before plants are shipped.

Some of our plants we’ve donated

Experiments in Plant Hybridization @ Harvard University –

Plants Growing In Mars –

University Of Minnesota Plant Experiment –

Vanderbilt University – Using Plants –

Yale University – Sustainability With Storm water –

Oxford, Stanford & Cambridge Projects With Plants –