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Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines - Great Flavor from Mother Nature.

Vineyard Vines are a great way to ensure that you have fresh and delicious berries. Garden Plants Nursery offers a wide variety of these vines, which are very easy to grow and maintain. Wild Grape Vines would be what you first think of when you think vineyard. The fruit is sweet and delicious, whether you eat it straight off the vine or use it for wine. They look great on a trellis or arbor. Wild grape vines require full sunlight and prefer moist soil. Wild Huckleberry produces small dark purple berries that taste somewhat like blueberries. Huckleberries make a great wine, too. Wild Red Raspberry grows to be around four to five feet tall. Its beautiful red berries are extremely delicious - by themselves or used in jams or jellies. Our vineyard vines are wild harvested and collected.

Vineyard Vines Fresh Berries from Garden Plants Nursery.