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Flower Vines

Flower Vines

See Our Wide Selection of Colors in Flowering Vines

Flowering Vines can totally be show-stoppers. Wisteria is a prime example. Wisteria has gorgeous purple blooms in violet or lavender color and a sweet fragrance. Wisteria climbs over anything and everything, so you need some sturdy support and a handy pair of pruning shears. Trumpet vine or Hummingbird vine is named after it's trumpet-shaped flowers, which are traditionally orange, red, or reddish orange. Another vigorous grower, it beautifully graces arbors or fences. As its name suggests, this plant attracts hummingbirds. A less dramatic but important example is vinca minor, a lovely little plant that spreads even in densely shaded garden spots. Vinca minor is a vine with thick, heavily veined leaves and delicate flowers ranging from white to vivid purple. It thrives in most conditions so that it will grow almost anywhere. Undesirable weeds are covered and shaded out, leaving a cover of vinca that is all the same height and color.

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