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Expand Your Garden with Vines

Add dimension, color, and fragrance to your garden with easy-to-grow vines and ground covers.


Expand your garden vertically with climbers! These plants are versatile and look good in any yard, walkway, brick wall, arbor or trellis. There are many different varieties of vines and ground covers. The shoots or roots typically are shallow. The roots tend to crawl along the ground, or they will be just under the surface. Some types provide small berries and fruits, some provide flowers, and some provide neither. Creeping Phlox is a homeowner favorite. It's extremely easy to grow, and looks stunning in mass plantings, with it's abundant star-shaped, colorful flowers. European Ginger has glossy heart-shaped leaves, which are evergreen. It has purple flowers, which may be difficult to see under the foliage. It is a cousin to the plants that produce a ginger root.
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