Privacy Trees

Privacy Trees Provide a Natural Fence

Privacy trees - an excellent way to get a little more privacy from the neighbors. They also block out unwanted noise or wind, and increase your property value! A key element with privacy hedges and trees ... the closer you plant them together the denser they will get. These trees grow thick, dense and full. so that two or three trees can be grown close together. If you want them spaced out, then read your directions on canopy spread and allow for adequate room. There are many good choices at Garden Plants Nursery --
  • Spruce Pine, which has  dark green needles. It's natural habitat is by water in the southern Coastal Plain.
  • Loblolly Pine, one of the fastest-growing southern pines. You can plant  these in a group for a rapidly established wind break. Deer and other small mammals will eat it's cones.
  • Canadian Hemlock. This tree's branches can droop down to the ground. It presents a look of graceful elegance.

Get USDA certified Privacy Trees from Garden Plants Nursery.