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Pine Trees

Pine Trees: Excellent Ornamental Plantings or Privacy Screens

Pine trees are the most common coniferous tree around the world and include some 100 species. Pines are considered evergreen, with long, needle-shaped leaves. They are extensively planted in North America, especially in the northern climates. Pine trees can reach ages of 100 years or more. Most prefer full sun and do not need extra watering when full grown. Pines are traditionally used as Christmas trees. Pine boughs are commonly cut in wintertime for smell and greenery and used as wreaths and decorations. The Spruce Pine grows naturally in swamps and wetlands. They do not grow as fast as other pine trees but can grow up to three feet per year. Spruce Pine often reaches at 30 to 50 feet when grown in the open, although it will grow taller in the woods. Virginia Pine is a hardy tree, often used as a screen or windbreak. It can handle multiple levels of sun exposure -- full sun or partial shade. This pine tree is found growing natively from New York to South Carolina, growing along the entire length of the Appalachian Mountains. The tree makes a great ornamental piece during the holiday time in any yard or driveway.

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