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Oak Trees

Oak Trees Can Be Seen In Virtually Every US State.

Some oak trees are native to the United States, and there are hundreds of species around the world. Oak trees grow well in the heat of the south, but some species are extremely cold tolerant, Oak Trees frequently reach 60 feet tall, with a canopy stretching 40 feet across. The branches layer themselves to form the cover. Fall foliage ranges from yellow, orange, red, pink, purple and scarlet. The stunning fall display makes this tree ideal for landscaping. As a landscaping tree, they also provide great shade, offering a great place to go to escape the summer heat. The leaves' stunning display is coupled with the fragrant aroma that is released when they are crushed or trampled on, making this a unique tree indeed. The Alba White Oak (Quercus alba) is massive and can grow up to one hundred feet high, and its trunk can have a diameter of around six feet. Some have been found to be over 450 years old. You'll find this beautiful tree in many urban parks as well as many country pastures. The Post Oak is a magnificent shade tree. It gets its name because the wood was used widely for fenceposts. Its acorns provide high energy food for deer, squirrels, and many small rodents.

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