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Maple Trees

Maple Trees

There are over 100 species of Maple Trees

Canadians are particularly fond of maple trees. You'll find a maple leaf on the Canadian flag. The maple tree is the national tree of Canada. Maple trees can reach about 65 feet tall and 50 feet wide. People love this tree for its vivid fall colors ... the leaves turn orange or red in the fall. Maple trees can grow three to four feet each year after they are established and growing well. Maple trees are very reliable and durable - some live up to 100 years. Maples are some of the most adaptable trees in North America! They are broadly planted as ornamental tress by homeowners, businesses and cities and towns. The Green Japanese Maple is a great ornamental tree in the garden or natural area. These are amazing trees because of their size, and can be used as a decorative tree for a large deck or patio. When it blooms, it will have small clusters of tiny white flowers that will add an elegant touch. Red Sunset Maple is a beautiful maple tree with stunning fall colors. This medium-sized maple tree will grow up to sixty feet tall when it is fully grown.

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