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Flowering Trees

Flowering Trees Greet Spring With Color!

Whether you love pink, white, red, or yellow - we've got your flowering trees at Garden Plants Nursery. We've got large trees and small trees,too. Shop our large variety and selection at Garden Plants Nursery. Redbud is a great ornamental tree.  Typically around twenty feet tall, some will grow as high as thirty feet . The small buds of the trees add great color in the early springtime. These buds are a bright pink color that contrast with the rest of the bare tree. The Lavender Crepe Myrtle is a small tree that is grown and loved for its colorful blooms. We also have Crepe Myrtles in Pink and Red. Witch Hazel can be a tree - but a very small one. Often used as an ornamental  or accent shrub, Witch  Hazel grows naturally in wooded areas. It actually blooms in winter!

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Flowering Trees Ships as Bare Root