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Touch Me Not

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Touch Me Nots need full sun to grow.

Touch Me Not have leaves that are about half an inch long and oval-shaped. The stalks are long and have "teeth" that are round. The leaves at the base of the stalk grow opposite each other; the leaves at the top alternate with each other. Touch Me Not are water-repellent. Raindrops will remain on the plant's leaves for significant periods. If you dip the leaves in water, the bottoms of the leaves will turn silver. 

Touch Me Nots bloom from the beginning of summer until the fall season, and display orange blooms that are shaped like trumpets.

The flowers have yellow, red, or white spots. Each bloom has three petals and a slender spur at the tip of the petals. This makes it easy for pollinators to get to the nectar in the flowers.

Touch Me Nots are under 3 feet at maturity and need full sun, but can also grow well in partial shade.

The flowers are not attractive to deer, so your blooms will stay intact if you have deer in your area. However, the blooms are appealing to hummingbirds, which can make your garden space especially elegant. Hummingbirds are also essential cross-pollination. 

  These flowers make attractive additions to your garden bed, or you can plant them solo to line your porch or walkway. The deep green leaves contrast nicely with the bright orange, spotted blossoms. Touch Me Nots are annual plants and are self-seeding. These flowers don't need other flowers to fertilize, which means you won't have to do much work to keep these blooms looking their best. 

  Touch Me Nots are native to North America and grow as wildflowers in many areas. The flowers thrive in various parts of Canada, as well as the eastern region of the U.S., the Pacific Northwest, and Colorado. This perennial does well in USDA hardiness zones 3-9.

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