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Topiary Moss

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Topiary moss, or Sphagnum, is fun to use and will last for years.

Topiary moss is lovely if you want to craft shapes that go nicely with your landscape design.

 You can use chicken wire to mold the design you want and place the moss pieces into the tiny holes in the wire. Topiary moss is fun to use and will last for years. Whether you want to mold the moss into geometric shapes, animals, or letters, you can use this low-maintenance plant to make your garden-related dreams come true. 

  Topiary moss comes in several options and thrives best in hardiness zones 3-9. The moss comes in brown and green hues. When you stuff a frame with moss, it can provide a plant background for shrubs to grow through, giving your landscape a whimsical feel. The moss is available in bulk and boxes, so you can choose the amount that works best for your garden goals. 

You can find Topiary Moss growing naturally in wet areas and near bogs. 

 Topiary moss doesn't need much sunlight, and it will thrive well past the summer. Place the moss in partial shade to facilitate growth. The moss grows naturally in compact clusters but will sometimes grow in patches to fill in areas of your yard. 

  The leaves of topiary moss are a muted shade of green, but you can also find varieties in yellow, brown, red, and pink. The leaves are around 4 inches long and look similar to fur or hair, which is excellent when you want to mold the moss into the shape of your favorite garden animals. Creeping vines, herbaceous plants, and colorful flowers easily grow through the moss to add more texture and color to your front or backyard or form an attractive border around the patio. 

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