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Thudium Moss

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Thudium Moss is also known as Fern Moss

Thudium moss is a stunning green color and is under 3 feet at maturity. 

However, the plant can grow up to one foot in 12 months. The moss grows best when grown in hardiness zones 3-9 and is an ideal ground cover. The plant stems are about 3.5 inches long, and many of the larger leaves act as stems for the tiny leaves. Secondary stalks sometimes grow from the leaves in bright green or light red hues. 

  Thudium moss is also called fern moss because the leaves look like small ferns. The moss enjoys partial shade and sunlight and even grows well in areas that don't get much sun. Once the plant is established, thulium moss can tolerate periods of drought and doesn't need tending often. The moss reproduces when the capsule lid drops and is transported by the wind to a new location for growing. 

  Thudium moss is a beautiful choice for garden beds and rock gardens and adds a tranquil element to your residential or commercial space.

 Suppose you have sloping or flat areas in the yard where grass doesn't grow well. It's best to plant the moss in a place where other plants are sparse or non-existent. The moss also looks excellent along a concrete wall and adds sophistication to any landscape. You can even plant the moss around stepping stones since it can tolerate foot traffic.

  Thudium is hardy and multiplies. If you also have ferns on your property that crave water, you can plant thulium moss as a live mulch for the ferns. The moss prefers woodland areas that receive high humidity and tolerates acidic soil. The moss also attracts songbirds since the birds use the moss as material for their nests. The moss proliferates in the eastern region of the U.S. and develops well with close to pine or juniper trees.

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