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Terrarium Moss

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Terrarium Moss

Terrarium moss is commonly grown and harvested from the wet and woodsy outdoors.


It does not have a hardy plant zone because of its wild nature. Moss is a bryophyte which means it is a non-vascular land plant. It does not have vessels within it to support water transport nor have a root system like a typical plant. It grows like a thick, green, plush mat and is excellent for terrarium use. It is mainly grown in northern climates.


Moss does not flower or produce seeds. They reproduce themselves through pores. It is a rhizoid that produces filamentous outgrowth on the bottom side that looks like fine hair. This root hair anchors the plant and allows it to absorb water so that the fibers in a paper towel absorb water.


Moss is essential in a terrarium. It provides for the conditions that other plants need to survive.


It is the base provider in helping to create water retention, keeping the soils used within the terrarium moist for plant survival. The Terrarium moss inside your terrarium can help to create a healthy ecosystem. It adds a base texture with a natural outdoor ground cover look. When moss is placed in a terrarium, it dies, but it releases much-needed water and acidity into its environment in the decomposition process.


For moss to grow, it needs a lot of water and can live in water slightly submerged. It prefers shaded boggy areas but can grow in direct sunlight if it is provided with the necessary water. Moss is versatile and durable and can be found to grow between cracks in sidewalks, on rocks and tree trunks, waterfall spray areas, and beside streams.


Terrarium Moss is the perfect bed ground cover. It provides coverage that looks like a beautiful plush green rug in the great outdoors. Its versatility and significance in the ecosystem help to maintain the survival of much plant life.

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