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Switch Grass

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Switchgrass is a native prairie grass.



Switchgrass is a perennial grass with a natural look, making it ideal for swamp and lake areas. 

The grass thrives in wet and moist soil, and since it's a perennial, it will grow each year. 

 Switchgrass is a type of bunchgrass that grows in North America and is found in southern regions of Canada and Mexico. The grass is a decorative garden plant and looks great with several flower and shrug arrangements. Switchgrass can grow in a pot or with other grasses. It can fill the space around flowers but is aesthetically pleasing enough to be the lawn's focal point. 

Switchgrass also makes an attractive buffer for brightly colored flowers if the grass is kept low but can also be groomed to grow as a shrub. 

The grass changes color according to the seasons. During spring, it is light green with pink flowers. Switchgrass gets darker in summer and develops yellow or red tips near the end of the season. 

By autumn, switchgrass is a pronounced orange shade and is a medium gray color in winter before turning green again for spring. Switchgrass can grow to be a few feet tall, regardless of the soil it is in. If the blades start to bend, they will stand upright again if they are clipped. 

 The grass doesn't begin growing until the end of spring, but it's hardy in several weather conditions and won't wither, even during winter. It's important to note that individual switchgrass plants have varying tolerance levels. Individual plants will grow at different heights and have different growth rates. 

 Switchgrass has deep roots and reaches a few feet into the ground; This makes the grass one of the best choices for preventing soil erosion. Switchgrass is a viable hay source for livestock. Scientists are even considering using switchgrass for biofuel.

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