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Swamp White Oak Tree

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Swamp White Oak Tree is popular for its lumber production.

Swamp White Oaks grow well in hardiness zones 3-9

They are a native tree species of Chicago, Illinois, which is in zone 5. 

 Bloom Season- Bloom season is typically in Mid May for the Swamp White Oak. This tree grows both male and female flowers. The male flowers hang in catkins groups, while the female flowers are small on the leaf axils. 

 Bloom Color- The male flowers are yellowish-green, while the female flowers are in an obscure red tone. 

 Height at Maturity- The Swamp White Oak is known to grow up to 70 feet high. In most urban settings, this tree has an average elevation of 50 feet. 

 Soil Type Preferred- This tree species does well in many different soil types and climates. It is both receptive to drought and compacted soil. The ideal planting setting would be in well-drained soil with a pH of 5.9. It does not do well in alkaline soil and is sensitive to iron. 

 Sun or Shade- Enjoys partial sun and will tolerate light shade. This tree is an ideal choice planted near buildings. 

The Swamp White Oak Tree is a North American tree and a beech tree family member.

 This tree grows to be of medium size and can survive in many different environments. In its native setting, the Swamp White Oak Tree grows in swampy areas and along river banks. This tree grows well in urban settings, just as it does in the wild. A shade tree, the Swamp White Oak Tree, has a consistent growth pace and can live up to 300 years. This tree has sturdy branches with two-toned leaves. Leaves are dark green above and pale green to white on the bottom. In the fall, Swamp White Oak Trees turn a beautiful yellow, amber, and orange color. It is also known for its attractive peeling bark and produces acorns.

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