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Swamp Chestnut Oak Tree

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Swamp chestnut Oak - Quercus Michauxll

Swamp chestnut Oak looks stunning, will grow best in areas that get full sun. It also grows great when planted in climate zones 7 through 10. This tree will thrive when planted in silt and clay soil conditions. This tree is an excellent tree to create a beautiful shade tree because of the impressive height that it will grow. The Oak is a great tree also to bring those smaller varieties of wildlife to a yard or other area. When planting this magnificent tree a homeowner will need to provide for ample growing room. This tree is a very high demanding tree because of the height that it will grow and because it will make an outstanding shade tree for the entire family to enjoy. It will also produce very large acorns that the squirrels and other wildlife will enjoy. The wood on this tree is great and is very sturdy and hardy it is often used in making beautiful baskets when the wood is shaved to be very thin. This tree will provide lots of colors and life to a garden or landscape. It will have gorgeous green leaves during the spring and summer and will also provide amazing beauty during autumn. This tree will grow to become very stately and beautiful. They will also be very easy to grow and to care for as they become enormous and beautiful trees. The swamp oak tree is used a large garden tree for shade or for trees along the street in large cities in the south because they are easy to grow and extreme environments. The tree can be grown in well-drained, silty clay and rocky deposits by southern rivers. This type of tree can be grown in zone 7, zone 8, zone 9, and zone 10. The tree can pollinate through vegetative regeneration or by making a seedbed drilling holes into the acorn then plant them eight to ten inches apart. Cover the acorn with ¼ firm soils for germination. The tree grows best in germination in partial shade and then replanted after the first year.

USDA Climate Zone: 7 - 10
Tree Height: 100 - 120 feet
Tree Spread: 60 - 70 feet
Soil Type: Silt or Clay Soil
Sun: Full Sun
Ships As: Bareroot Plant

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Description: The Swamp Chestnut Oak can grow up to one hundred feet tall. It can reach six feet in diameter as well.