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Swamp Chestnut Oak

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Swamp Chestnut Oak  bloom in the spring and early summer months.



 Bloom Season - April to May

 Bloom color - Red and yellow

 Height - 60 to 100 feet

 Preferred soil type - Silty loams and clay soils are the best options

 Sun or shade - Full sun to partial shade


The Swamp Chestnut Oak is a tree found in regions from the Lower Midwest to the Southeast.

 The large area in which the tree can be found is part of the attraction of this giant oak tree that can grow as tall as 100 feet and 60 feet in width. These trees can tolerate both acid and alkaline soils to make this a good option for planting in almost any region. The success of the Swamp Chestnut Oak is determined by its ability to grow in drought-tolerant and river basins where the ground is usually saturated.

  The natural home of the Quercus Michauxi is in the river basins close to streams and other bodies of water, which has led to the development of the Swamp Chestnut Oak name.

 This tree does bloom in the Spring and early Summer, but the main attraction of the tree is its mid and late-Fall display of leaves. 

The display of the Swamp Chestnut Oak is made even more entertaining by the lack of branches growing on mature trees for the first 20 to 40 feet.

  In the Southeast, the tree is often used to attract several animals to an area, including turkeys, deer, and chipmunks. These animals are usually attracted to the acorns that are produced following the blooms. These trees are grown for lumber purposes in many settings, with their planks being used for veneer, boards, and fence posts across North America.

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