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Sugar Maple Tree

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Sugar maple tree  tolerates shade, likes a well-drained, moderately moist, fertile soil.

Sugar Maple Tree


Hardy Planting Zone- Zones 3-8

 Bloom Season - Spring/Summer

 Bloom Color - Green

 Height at Maturity - 70'

 Soil Type Preferred- Acidic, Alkaline

 Sun or Shade - Full to Partial Sun


Sugar maples are also known as hard maples or rock maples.

These saplings start at only a few feet in height and reach maturity in about 30-40 years. They grow at a rate of 1-2 feet per year. They sprout small yellow-green flowers, which become leaves in the summer. The sugar maple leaf is a toothed leaf with five lobes. They reach from 3" to 5" across. These then turn shades of red and orange during the fall season. Overall, the sugar maple canopy becomes a round or an oval shape when leaves are fully sprouted.

Sugar maple trees produce a dense canopy, making them excellent for shade.

 Each year, sugar maples produce wing-like seeds that whirl down to the ground. They mature in September or October. Every 2-5 years, the sugar maple will grow a more bountiful crop of winged seeds.

 Only prune these trees in the fall to avoid the tree bleeding excess sap. Sap bleeding happens when the tree's sap levels are higher in the spring and early summer.

 Sugar maples do best when irrigated during the dry season. They can tolerate drought, but they will thrive in moist soil. Sugar maple saplings also need a large amount of space to grow sufficiently. These trees can grow over 70 feet tall, and their lush canopies can be up to 50 feet wide. These trees cannot handle a large amount of salt in the soil, so Sugar Maple should not plant them in coastal areas.

 Sugar maples are tapped for their sap when they mature. This sap is turned into maple syrup. Trees are viable for tapping when they are over 12" in diameter.

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