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Spring Beauty

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 Spring Beauty is a beautiful pink, yellow, and white flower that blooms from an attractive green stem.

Spring Beauty produce rapidly

Perfect Addition to Your Garden - Spring Beauty 

Claytonia virginica, otherwise known as Spring Beauty, is a tuberous perennial. Tuberous refers to the plant stemming from a tuber, or root, similar to potatoes. They have a chestnut-like flavor, and in the past Native Americans and colonizers ate them. Now those who forage for edible plants do as well, apparently a tasty snack. It blooms in clusters of small white or pale pink flowers with darker pink to purple veins early to late spring. They have thin stems with dark, grassy green leaves. Once spring has come and they've bloomed, they open in the sun and close when it's cloudy—a personal and beautiful weather tracker right in your garden. 


 Spring Beauty produces rapidly, and with that comes an abundance of pollen and nectar, so expect butterflies and bees (honey, bumble carpenter, and more) in your garden. They're hardier and more resilient than other spring-bloomed woodland species. They can last and grow without a worry in many different climates and can also be found in the wild throughout the Midwestern and Eastern US. 

 Spring Beauty are pest and disease-resistant

 These delicate flowers form an extensive groundcover, perfect for any woodland garden or naturalized lawn. Claytonia virginica grows up to 6 to 10 inches tall and wide. To ensure easy growth, use humus-rich and fertile soil. They do well in wooded areas primarily, but if you water them plentifully, they can last in mostly sunlight as well. The tubers need to be planted in the fall so the seeds can halt their dormancy and be ready in the spring. Best of all, these perennials are pest and disease-resistant as well. 


 Expect your Spring Beauty to come back every year and spread! Make sure to plant them where you've personally selected, as the groundcover can overtake any part of your garden, but it's stunning to see in its vastness. 

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