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Snow Hill Hydrangea

Snow Hill Hydrangea

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Snow Hill Hydrangea tree grows best in climates three to nine.  It can grow as tall as three to five feet and has a canopy spread that can be as wide as four to six feet.

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Snowhill Hydrangea or Hydrangea arborescens 'Grandiflora'

The Snowhill Hydrangea or Hydrangea arborescens 'Grandiflora' is a somewhat fast growing shrub that will grow to to reach between three and 7 feet. During the summer this hydrangea is covered with round, snowball type blooms that pop against bright green leaves. This plant will thrive in the shade and require minimal care.

Snow Hill Hydrangea grows best in moist, acidic and neutral soil conditions.  This tree prefers partial sunlight to partial shade to reach its potential. This shrub or small tree is small growing and great for many areas of your garden.  It will do well in most any location you choose and is low maintenance.  Some even call this a snowball bush. Just make sure you plant where it gets at least some shade.  You can plant this as an accent bush, use as a bordering plant or plant it stand alone and watch it thrive. This shrub produces clusters of white, almost puffy flowers that are just beautiful!  The clusters of these flowers almost look like snowballs and paired with a light green foliage, it is just breathtaking.  This shrub is also called seven bark because of the variety of colors its bark can have on it.  Additionally, this shrub can be used for medicinal purposes. 

The flowers on this bush will usually bloom in late spring even up to late in the fall months.  With the many uses and ways to plant this tree, it will fit right in no matter where you decide to plant this.  As an accent, border or showpiece, it is going to bring life that you can't imagine until you see it.  The next addition to your garden should be this shrub.  From the gorgeous flowers, to the versatility of this shrub, you will not be disappointed.  This hydrangea is the perfect choice for any gardening need you may have.

USDA Climate Zone: 3-9


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