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Silky Dogwood Live Stakes

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Silky Dogwood are hardy in planting zones 5-8



Hardy Planting Zone - 3-9

 Bloom Season - Early Summer

 Bloom Color - Yellow and White

 Height at Maturity - 6 to 12 feet tall

 Soil Type Preferred - Hydric Soils

 Sun or Shade - Partial Shade


Silky Dogwood (Cornus Amomum) comprise of Live Stakes, which are dormant cuttings that belong to the shrub plant family. 

This plant is common in Eastern parts of North America, and plant enthusiasts should find it in areas where the soil is hydric and under partial shade. Many love silky dogwood because of its silky appearance, making for a visually appealing bush when put together with a cluster of leaves. Silky Dogwood and their Live Stakes make great additions to any house's garden, especially when the flowers of the bushy plant attract butterflies in the spring. Part of the plant also consists of small lavender/white berries, making excellent treats for the songbirds (while also unsuitable for human consumption). The leaves of the plant become nearly burgundy when it's fall, and even in the winter, the reddish-brown stems at least stand out from the snow.

While they make great additions to a garden as much as they would to an open area outdoors, there is advice worth looking over beforehand. 

Firstly, it's suitable to plant silky dogwood and their live stake extensions before entering their blooming time; this is usually done during late fall and before spring. It's also essential to add water to the soil before planting the seeds, as silky dogwood grows best when the soil contains water. Gardeners should also add distance between the seeds, which means keeping them 3-6 feet apart from one another will prevent clashing between stems. Finally, make sure that the stems are at least cut at a 45-degree angle, so they can better absorb the nutrients of the soil it's a part of.

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