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Silky Dogwood

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Silky Dogwood is excellent plants for areas that might have seasonal flooding, as it thrives in wet soils.  This tree is beautiful all year long with its color changes and beautiful flowers. No matter what time of year, this tree adds beauty and life. This shrub produces beautiful blooms that appear in the summer months.  They bring wildlife to any yard.  It only increases the beauty of this tree.  The twigs seem to be almost lavender in color.  Throughout the spring months, blooms and buds will appear that will bring about the most beautiful color in the summer.  The flowers are yellowish-white and are simple, yet breathtaking. The flowers grow in clusters.  When fall starts to come around, these flowers will drop and leave behind blue or lavender berry.  The leaves on this tree only enhance its entire beauty.  These will turn an orange color as fall approaches. Whatever your need is in your garden or landscaping area, this dogwood is sure to please.  It is beautiful all year long and will attract birds and butterflies.  Make this dogwood an addition to your garden and enjoy the color! The silky dogwood (cornus amomum) is a large shrub that can be found all throughout North America. Once fully grown, it ranges from six to ten feet tall, and tends to be just as wide as it is tall. It is an exceptionally hardy shrub, and can survive in almost any type of soil. Wherever it grows, it provides beautiful colors year round. In the spring, it blossoms with bright white flowers that grow in large, distinctive clusters. Summer time sees the flowers slowly fall off, only to give way to colorful clusters of fruit. Even as the fruit is shed throughout the summer months, the leaves change colors in the fall, continuing to display a wide variety of colors within the autumn foliage. After all of its foliage has fallen off during the cooler winter months, the bark takes on a bright red hue, which of course can be stunning when viewed against an otherwise bleak or white winter landscape. This variety of dogwood tends to be moderately resilient to droughts, but it always does best when provided with a consistent source of water and ample amounts of sunlight. It is often found near streams, lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water, but can take root in most environments and climates if provided with some source of water.

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Description: Latin Name- Cornus Amomum Hardy Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 6-10ft Width 6-10ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun