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Privet Shrubs

Privet Shrubs Can Take Many Shapes

Privet bushes are so  frequently used in hedges that they are often referred to as "privet hedges." Privet shrubs are grown primarily for the dense foliage they can provide when pruned into hedges. That dense foliage means that they afford good privacy, particularly during the summertime. Depending on plant variety and the USDA Hardiness zone in which you live,  privet hedges can be evergreen, semi-evergreen, or deciduous. Common privet shrubs can reach a height of 4-15 feet with a spread of 4-8 feet.  White flowers appear in  late spring-early summer; black berries follow. The Northern Privet is a well-loved plant for its beautiful evergreen appearance. It can be pruned into many shapes: anything from boxes to complete statues ... wherever your imagination takes you. It can grow as high as fourteen feet high and have a spread of eight feet when it is fully grown.

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