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Privacy Shrubs

Privacy Shrubs As a Living Fence.

Privacy shrubs say "privacy, please" in a more genteel manner than a fence. When looking for a privacy shrub, choose one that grows densely, are low-maintenance and that of course, block the view of your neighbors. You'll need to make a choice between fast-growing varieties (which usually require trimming) or slower-growing varieties that typically require less maintenance. The fast-growing privet remains a popular choice. This deciduous shrub prefers a moderate climate ... and some sharp shears. A tall privet hedge makes a great barrier but can quickly become overgrown. Privet is a tough plant, which will tolerate windy and exposed conditions. Privets are okay with some shade but do not like heavy, wet soils. The California Privet is a semi-evergreen bush that can be found growing as high as fifteen feet when fully grown. This plant can be evergreen, and this depends on the location of the plant and how cold the winters get.

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