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Hydrangea Shrubs

Hydrangea Shrubs: Pink or Blue?

The choice of color for your Hydrangea Shrubs is really up to you. In the southeast, Hydrangea Shrubs will generally be blue. Gardeners can change the intensity of the blue or even turn them pink. Applying garden sulfur enhances the blue; applying lime makes the blossoms pink. Feeding your hydrangeas in well advance of flowering is recommended to achieve desired color. They have dark green leaves that can sometimes be rather large depending on the variety of the shrub. The blooms show up in clusters of smaller flowers that look like balls when they bloom. They can create a beautiful natural looking fence around a property when they are all in bloom and growing nicely. There are several varieties of this shrub to choose from, including Nikko Blue, the classic and well-loved shrub with large, rounded flower heads.

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