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Flowering Shrubs

Flowering Shrubs - Beautiful Blooms in Your Choice of Color!

Flowering shrubs will bring lots of beauty and color when they are in bloom. These shrubs usually bloom in the spring and summer, but some also bloom during the fall. They can bloom in yellow, white, pink, purple, red and also blue. They can also provide visual interest in the fall when the leaves begin to change colors Most flowering shrubs prefer being planted in full and partial sunlight. They grow in an assortment of soil conditions. The Syringa Lilac is a shrub that can be used for more than just appearance. It is also one of the most fragrant in the entire world. Great as a centerpiece. The Red Weigelia will make an attractive addition to your landscape, with beautiful red flowers that grow in clusters. We have a wide variety of Crepe Myrtles and Rose of Sharons as well.

Flowering Shrubs:A Wide Selection at Garden Plants Nursery.

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