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  • Pink Crepe Myrtle  is the perfect year-round addition to any garden.
 Pink Crepe Myrtle blooming season occurs during the summer and autumn months.

    Pink Crepe Myrtle


    Pink Crepe Myrtle grows in zones 2 through 9 Pink crepe myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica) bushes abound across the country and can be found growing everywhere from highway medians to state parks to front lawns and courthouse lawns. Their...

  • Pink Spirea Plant grow to be full and thick and supply a magical appearance when growing. Pink Spirea Plant is covered with small delicate, and dainty flowers when in bloom.

    Pink Spirea Plant


    Pink Spirea Shrubs Bloom In Mid Spring The Vibrant, Lively Characteristics of the Pink Spirea Plant  What is a Pink Spirea Shrub?    Five different types of spirea exist in the world today. It is most known for its beautiful pink...

  • Pink Weigela Bush grows up to 5 feet at maturity
Pink Weigela Bush grows best when planted in hardy zones 3-9

    Pink Weigela Bush


    Hardy Planting Zone: 3-9  Bloom Season: Early Spring to Late Summer  Bloom Color: Pink   Height at Maturity: up to 5’  Soil Type Preferred: moist, well-drained soils  Sun or Shade: Full sun and partial...

  • Red Choke berry Red chokeberry is a tough, dependable plant

    Red Choke berry


      Hardy Planting Zone: Zones 3 to 9  Bloom Season: May  Bloom Color: White  Height at Maturity: 6 to 12 feet  Soil Type Preferred: Moist, rich soils  Sun or Shade: Sun   The Red Chokeberry is a perennial...

  • Red Crepe Myrtle grow up to 25 feet and offer a 20-foot canopy of crimson that blankets the sky over your yard. Red Crepe Myrtle is drought tolerant and mildew, pest, and disease resistant.

    Red Crepe Myrtle


    Red Crepe Myrtle-Lagerstroemia is low-maintenance Crepe myrtles are a favorite among home gardeners who want to bring a dramatic pop of color into their yard. While there are several varieties available in many different colors, the red crepe myrtle is...

  • Red osier dogwood shrubs are vibrant in the winter.
Red osier dogwood shrubs are vibrant in the winter.

    Red Osier Dogwood


    Hardy Planting Zone- Best in zones 3-9.  Bloom Season - end of spring beginning of summer (May-June)  Bloom Color - white  Height at Maturity - Between 5-8 feet.  Soil Type Preferred- Moist.  Sun or...

  • Rose of Sharon looks its best when planted in full sun and kept in moist ground.
Rose of Sharon  flowers are usually pink in color, but other color variations include purple, white, and light pink.

    Rose Of Sharon


    Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus Syriacus)   Rose of Sharon thrives in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 4-9.  Bloom Season and Colors An eye-catching shrub, Rose of Sharon blooms from June through October and produces medium-sized 4-5 lobed...

  • Snow Hill Hydrangea trees  grow best when planted in zones 3-9
Snow Hill Hydrangea trees blooms from July to September

    Snow Hill Hydrangea


    Hardy Planting Zones - 3 through 9  Bloom Season - Late Spring to early Summer  Bloom Color - Cream-colored blooms that can change to become pink and purple  Height at Maturity - Up to 25 feet  Soil Type...

  • Spiraea Van Houtte Spiraea Van Houtte are best grown in hardy zones 3-8

    Spiraea Van Houtte


    Hardy Planting Zone-3 to 9   Bloom Season -April to May   Bloom Color – White   Height at Maturity – 5-to-8 feet   Soil Type Preferred- Acidic   Sun or Shade-Full...

  • Viburnum Dentatum can grow wide and will need space to spread.
Viburnum Dentatum is a beautiful flowering shrub.

    Viburnum Dentatum


    Hardiness Zone - 3 to 9  Bloom Season - Early summer  Bloom Color - White  Height at Maturity - 15 feet  Soil Type Preferred - Average, medium moisture loams  Sun or Shade - Full sun to partial...

  • Wax Leaf Privet Privets are ideal for hedging and privacy, drought resistant  and can tolerate most types of soil.

    Wax Leaf Privet


    Wax Leaf Privet - Ligustrum Japonicum is a poplar plant for hedges   Hardy Planting Zone - 5 through 8  Bloom Season - May to June  Bloom Color - Creamy White  Height at Maturity - 12 to 15 feet  Soil...

  • Weigelia Shrubs  grow in various sizes.
Weigela Shrubs  stand strong during droughts and cold winters

    Weigela Shrub


    Weigela Shrubs flower in the spring can bring color and charm to the yard. During the spring, this lovely shrub displays tube-shaped flowers in various pink hues. The plants are attractive to hummingbirds, so if you want these beautiful birds to visit...


About Shrubs 

A shrub (also known as a bush) is a small to medium-sized plant. They are about 6-10 meters tall. Shrubs, unlike most plants, have persistent woody stems above the ground. Shrubs are very easy to plant because their root balls seem to be much smaller than large trees. One tricky part about planting shrubs is knowing where to place them in the landscape. 

  Shrubs come in different forms. There are various kinds of shrubs. Each kind of shrub is suitable for a different landscape. Here is a list below of the top five shrubs. 

 1. Flowering Shrubs: These kinds of shrubs come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Here are the five best flowering shrubs that can be grown all year long. 

 - Forsythia: These are bright yellow blossoms in starlet's branches. The average height for these is 2-3 feet. 

 - Fothergilla: These are bottle-brush-like blooms that open at branch tips in early spring before leaves appear. Flowers of these kinds provide an early-season nectar source from pollinators. These flowers look breathtaking during fall. They're placed next to trees with leaves changing colors. 

 - Azalea: These flowers come in bright, bold, and vibrant colors. They will look stunning in your garden in the spring. They come in a rainbow of hues so you can find any color you want! They can grow up to 20 feet tall. 

 -Mountain Laurel: These are some of the rarest types of flowering shrubs. These typically grow 5 to 8 feet tall and wide. They come in white, red, pink, and even bicolor! 

 - English Lavender: One of the fragrant kinds of flowers and leaves. They come in a soft purple color and grow 16 to 20 inches high and wide. These flowers have been known for stress and anxiety relief. There are many lavender products on the market that therapists recommend buying. If you are often stressed, these might be useful to plant in your garden! 

 2. Evergreen Shrubs: Evergreen shrubs have year-round foliage and are preferred for foundation plantings, hedges, or screens. Their foliage comes in bright golden, Burgundy, and green. 

 3. Fragrant shrubs: These shrubs are ideal for planting near decks, patios, porches, or any sitting area. They have a wonderful scent, and their extracts are used in various perfumes. Hence, their name, "Fragrant Shrubs." 

 4. Sun Loving Shrubs: These shrubs are very fuzzy in texture and are bright green. It is best to plant them in a spot where there's a lot of sunlight. They grow best outdoors and require minimal watering. 

 5. Shade Loving Shrubs: Unlike sun-loving shrubs, which prefer sun, these shrubs are the total opposite. They grow the best in places with a small sun and more shade. These are the perfect kind of plants to keep near your window indoors! If you live in an apartment and don't have a backyard but always wanted a plant, these might be perfect! 


Shrubs have so many varieties, and anyone can grow them!