Shipping & Returns

We ship our plants USPS Priority. Transit time is 2-3 days and there may be delays from COVID-19 shutting some post offices down for quarantine but we package your plants to arrive in excellent condition and be safe in transit for up to 2 weeks.


We do accept returns for in store credit for one year after purchase. We must give you authorization prior to accepting any return. We will ask for images (proof) plants have died etc. before we will validate a return. Please send us an email of pictures of the plants to


You will need to do the scratch test to make sure they are dead not dormant also. Dormant plants looks dead when they are not, see below image.



Please note** Plants, trees, perennials or anything that blooms and has foliage will not leaf out, green or bloom until spring time. This depends on when your state breaks dormancy. Dormancy means plants are asleep and not growing and looses their foliage for winter months. Please allow until the middle of May for all plants planted prior to green out and leaf or bloom. When you transplant anything, it develops some degree of shock and may or may not come up or bloom the first season. This is why we offer a 1 year warranty on all items. To allow time for spring to return and your plants should come up and do well.