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Sheet Moss

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Sheet Moss is term used to describe a particular growth pattern of moss type plants. As the name suggests, Moss that is classified to have a Sheet Moss growth pattern, grows in a short consistent pattern much like artificial turf. The pattern is most desired for those looking to plant and have a consistent mossy look. Sheet Moss is a perfect way to cover some ground that usually nothing will grow. It will simply look fabulous in the garden and around trees and shrubs. This moss does fantastic in many different types of soil, and it looks great in any garden as a ground cover partly due to its bright green color. This moss is the most commonly grown moss, especially for walkways, and it has a very soft feeling under their bare feet. This moss will grow outwards to cover an area of about 36 inches, but eventually it will completely cover an area. It grows best in zones 3 to 11, and it is a shade loving moss plant. Sheet moss gets its name from the fact that it comes in long sheets. This moss is sold in craft stores and is used for model train sets and covering up Styrofoam for many different art projects. In order to keep the moss alive that you purchased at a craft store all, you need to do is spritz it with some water and keep it moist. Most commonly this moss is used to fill areas where there are gaps in your water garden or natural area. USDA Climate Zone: 3-11 Height: 6 to 24 inches Width: 4 to 36inches Growth/Year: 36+ inches Soil Type: Acidic, Well Drained, Clay, Sandy Sun: Shade to Partial Sun Ships As - Bareroot Plant

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Description: Sheet Moss- Hypnum Hardy Zones- 3-11 Sun or Shade- Shade/Part Shade Mature Height- 6"-24" Mature Width- 4"-36" Bloom Season- Year round Gardener Status- Intermediate