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Sheet Moss

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Sheet moss  is a versatile plant species that provides a unique form of ground cover that adds a whimsical and charming appearance to your woodland garden setting.

Sheet Moss 


Hardy Planting Zone- Sheet moss cultivates well in USDA hardiness zones 3-9

Height at Maturity – The height of a mature moss ranges between 6 and 24 inches, with a 4 to 36-inch width

Soil Type Preferred- Thrives in acidic soil. It also grows naturally on logs, rocks, and other plants.

Sun or Shade – Shade or partial sunlight areas are most suitable for the plant’s optimum growth.


 Sheet moss, also known as Hypnum moss, is an outdoor carpet-like plant with a soft texture.

It is part of the Hypnaceae family. Homeowners grow moss in pathways and lawns to give the garden setting a charming ground cover. It is recommended that you plant the moss plant near other plants to ensure they get enough shade cover.

Plant Appearance

 The moss plant is generally green, with phases of bright green to yellow-green. The deep green shade appears to be a little bit fuzzy. The plant branches are bristly and sometimes curly. One unique feature about the Hypnum moss is the lack of cost or midrib.

Plant Care

 Sheet moss requires little or no maintenance. Since it grows in moist and cold areas watering should be the least of your worries, meaning cultivating the moss is relatively cheap.

Growing Conditions

 The plant grows on different surfaces allowing you to get creative.

It prefers clay, loam, or richly amended soils with acidic content ranging from5.0 to 6.0. It tolerates a wide range of temperatures and does well in the 60°F to 75°F temperature range. Under proper planting conditions, it will thrive within six weeks. The plant may take up to two years to develop an appropriate carpet of moss. Ensure the moss is growing in a weed-free area with no competition for nutrients for optimal growth. The best time to plant moss is during the spring and autumn months.

Roots Structure

 Sheet moss has filaments in place of roots that supply nutrients to the plant.

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