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Scarlet Oak Tree

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Scarlet Oak Tree

Hardy Planting Zone- Expected growth is best in zones 3-9.

 Bloom Season - Most commonly in spring.

 Bloom Color - Greenish to yellow.

 Height at Maturity - Between 60-80 feet tall.

 Soil Type Preferred- Adaptable to most soils except alkaline.

 Sun or Shade - Full sun preferred but will do well with partial shade.


The scarlet oak is a fast-growing tree that does well in almost any soil type except alkaline. 

Most commonly used as an ornamental tree because of the vivid red leaves produced in the fall and holds the color strong long into the winter. 

The scarlet oak creates a striking contrast of crimson against the snow, and with the elegant branching patterns and deep-colored bark, it is a perfect addition to residential yards or local parks.

 While the leaves in the spring and summer are not scarlet, the lush green leaves are smooth and pointed, producing an interesting design and look.

 A scarlet oak needs at least six hours of direct sunlight to create an ideal environment for growth. Be sure to transplant during the fall season and avoid cold, frozen ground in the winter. Even though the scarlet oak does not produce showy flowers, after maturing, it will produce acorns with shallow cups that feel wildlife such as chipmunks, large songbirds, white-tailed deer, grouse, and more. This famous tree develops an open crown providing ample shade during the spring and summer months.

 A scarlet oak creates a picturesque image during the fall and winter months and food for wildlife during the spring and summer. A hearty, year-round tree, the scarlet oak works well in most conditions and grows not only tall but wide. While it does take up ample space, it provides soothing shade and colorful displays while other trees have already lost their leaves.

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