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Rough leaf Dogwood Live Stakes

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Rough leaf Dogwood Live Stake is  a great choice for an ornamental tree.

Hardy Planting Zone - This plant thrives best in Zones 3-9.

 Bloom Season - Flowers appear in mid-spring to late summer.

 Bloom Color - Roughleaf dogwood produce tiny flowers appearing in creamy white or light yellow clusters. Hard white berries appear in the fall. 

 Height at Maturity - Trees grow to 16 to 20 feet at maturity.

 Soil Type Preferred - Roughleaf dogwood prefers well-drained to moist soils. An adaptable shrub they are cold tolerant but also known to tolerate drier conditions. 

 Sun or Shade - For best fruit and flowers, plant in full sun. However, this plant will also thrive in shaded settings.

 Rough leaf dogwood is a fast-growing, ornamental, deciduous shrub or small tree noted for its beautiful, creamy white clusters of flowers and hard white fruit. 

The flowers are attractive to butterflies and insects that feed on their nectar. 

The fruit attracts birds, squirrels, rabbits, foxes, and deer. 

In their native habitat, rough leaf dogwood can be found in swamps and marshes and along the banks of ponds and streams. They may appear as a single tree or in thickets and provide excellent nesting cover for birds. Rough leaf dogwood is often used in conservationist projects for erosion control. 

  This perennial has dark, green-veined leaves, which turn an attractive deep red in autumn. The leaves are oval, their upper surface rough to the touch - hence the name "rough leaf" - whereas the lower surface of the leaves has a velvety feel. The Latin name, Cornus drummondii, was given in honor of Thomas Drummond, a naturalist, and native of Scotland, who undertook a nearly two-year effort to complete a botanical survey of Texas where he came upon this shrub. Although he died before the survey was completed, many of the plants he collected were redistributed throughout Europe. 

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