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Rocky Cap Moss

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Rock Cap Moss is clumping thick moss.

Rock cap moss is a type of moss that is commonly found in the Northern hemisphere.


Places like North America, Mexico, New Zealand, and even Australia are where rock cap moss can be found. Rock cap moss is a beautiful, dark green plant found on walls, pathways, and rocks, hence the name. Rock cap moss is often used as a substitute for grass in places grass can't grow. 


Hardy Planting Zone


Rock cap moss is hardy in zones 3 to 9.


Rock cap moss can bloom in any season as long as sufficient moisture, shade, and rainfall.


Bloom Color


Once rock cap moss has reached full bloom, it renders a dark green color and is flat in appearance. The color can be a vivid, emerald tone. 


Height of Maturity


A varying height of maturity is a fantastic attribute of rock cap moss, as it can mature up to 70 centimeters, or 27.5 inches. The most common rock cap moss that is found is around 2 to 4 inches in height. Full maturity of rock cap moss can take about 1 to 2 years.


Soil Type Preferred


Rock cap moss needs almost no soil to flourish, just as there is air and moisture. Rainfall and air are where rock cap moss gets its nutrients. The soil type that is preferred, however, is sandy soil with plenty of moisture. 


Sun or Shade


Rock cap moss thrives in excessively wet and deeply shady environments. As a uniquely sustainable plant, rock cap moss goes dormant in harsh environmental conditions like droughts until conditions improve. It is imperative to avoid direct sunlight on rock cap moss, as it will tend to turn the usually dark green plant yellow.

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