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River Birch Seedlings

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River Birch Seedlings grow best in Zones 4-9

Hardy Planting Zone- 3 to 9 

 Bloom Season - Spring 

 Bloom Color – Brown flowers are male green flowers are female 

 Height at Maturity –Up to 70 feet tall 

 Soil Type Preferred- Acidic wet soils 

 Sun or Shade-Full sun 


River birch seedlings grow well in acidic soils. 

It will tolerate clay soil, and it wants to be consistently moist. With fall pruning, you can create a single trunk or multi-trunk tree. When choosing to create a single trunk, this tree has a beautiful pyramidal form. When left with multiple trunks, then it has a more circular shape.

 This tree easily grows to be 50-feet tall at the rate of about 18-inches annually and can reach up to 70-feet tall. 

  This tree matures and sheds pieces of its outer reddish-brown-to-salmon-pink bark to reveal its lighter-lighter color inner bark. Young river birch trees have a pyramidal shape, but the tree will become more round as it matures. Expect its spread to reach about 60 feet. 

  In the spring, flowers appear on this tree. The brown flowers that appear in downy groupings are the males, while the greenish flowers with a more upright form are the female. The wind pollinates this tree. 

  The leathery leaves on the river bark give this tree an old-worldly look, even when it is young. These leaves that can be up to 3.5-inches long are medium-to-dark green. They have thick double veins. The leaves turn yellow in the autumn. 

  Its native habitat is along streams and riverbeds, where it gets plenty of moisture. If this tree's area is not that wet, use a hose to water it and mulch around it. 

  The river birch is a beautiful tree that grows in humid areas where other trees may have trouble thriving. You may want to use it in a rain garden or in low spots where water often puddles.

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