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Resurrection Fern

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Resurrection Fern-Polypodium Polypodioides

Resurrection Fern- Pleopeltis Polypodioides
The Resurrection Fern gets its name from its hardiness. It can lose over half of its water content and still come back to life. When it gets the right amount of water it is a bright green color, but when low on water it is gray in color. It grows best in shade. Resurrection Fern gets in name is an interesting fern. Normal plants can only stand to lose about 10% of their water content. This little fern can lose up to 75% and still not be dead. It will be a brown clump and look dead but given some water and it will be green again and full of life. This fern does prefer full to partial shade and moist soil with good drainage, but it can withstand periods of drought as well. It is a small plant and will grow up to a foot in height and width when fully grown. These ferns do have spores for reproducing and are known for growing on top of things, such as other plants. The botanical name for this plant is Polypodium Polypodioides. Climate Zone:  6 through 9 Mature Height:  .50 to 1 Foot Mature Width:  .50 to 1 Foot Sunlight:  Full to Partial Shade Soil Type:  Moist, Well-Drained Soils but is Adaptable Ships As:  Bareroot Plant

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Description: Latin Name- Pleopeltis polypodioides, Soil Type- Moist, Hardy Zones 3-8