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Redbud Seedlings

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Redbud Seedlings grow up to 30 feet tall.

Hardy Planting Zone- 3 to 9

 Bloom Season - Spring 

 Bloom Color – Pink 

 Height at Maturity –Up to 30 feet tall 

 Soil Type Preferred- Consistently damp, moderately fertile soil 

 Sun or Shade-Part shade 

Redbud trees are showstoppers throughout the year. 

In the spring, they put on an abundance of showy pink flowers. Then, in the autumn, these trees produce plenty of fall color. Most varieties offer bright yellow fall leaves, but there are options with purple fall foliage. 

 Redbud trees will grow to be about 30-feet tall with a spread of about 35 feet. Its rounded shape and attractiveness throughout the year make it a great choice in many landscapes. 

  In the spring, this tree puts on hundreds of pea-like rose-purple flowers. The flowers appear in clusters from four-to-10 flowers, and each flower can be up to 0.5-inches across. 

  After the flowers fade in about three weeks, the tree puts its paper-like, dull green to blue-green leaves. These broad leaves that can be up to 3.5-inches across have a short, pointed tip. Simultaneously, the tree produces flattened, bean-like seedpods that start green and turn brown during the summer. Each pod contains six to 12 seeds. The seedpods may remain on the tree until mid-winter. 

This tree’s fall foliage display is almost as stunning as its springtime flower display. 

The leaves turn spectacular shades of yellow on most varieties, but the leaves turn a beautiful reddish-purple on a few varieties. 

  Our redbud seedlings grow about 15-inches annually. While they love some shade from the hot afternoon sun, you can plant it in full sun, and it will thrive. While it prefers fertile soil, this tree will also grow in moderately poor soil. It is an easy option to prune to the shape you want the finished tree to be, and you will love its sturdy limbs.

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