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Red Weigela

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Red Weigela , is prized for its intensely scarlet, trumpet-shaped blooms.

Red Weigela flowers bloom in one and a half-inch clusters

The Red Weigela is a popular landscaping plant that people like to put into screening areas, borders, and centerpieces in flower beds. These shrubs have a dark, green leaf on a long, spindly limb. Flowers bloom in one and a half-inch clusters. Some say that the flowers form a funnel shape that often attracts insects and wildlife. The blooms occur from late spring around May until summertime in July. The best time to prune the plants is right after they finish blooming in the summer. They are easy to care for, with dead branches removable at any time of the year. The Red Weigela or Red Cardinal plant often gets to about eight feet tall, with some mature plants reaching as tall as ten feet. Most of the bushes get as big around as they are tall. They have a compact and irregular shape unless formed into a square or rounded hedge.

Red Weigela prefers well drained soil

The bush builds bold, vibrant flower clusters that turn to a medium green after July. The plant does not change color in the fall like most plants, so it makes an excellent choice to keep in gardens that need some green color throughout the winter months. The plant prefers well-draining soil that has some gravel or another medium to ensure proper drainage. It grows best in full sun and hardiness zones four through eight. One of the neat things about the Red Weigela is that you can place it in containers around front or back yards for a pop of summer color or to keep it separated from other plants. It is advisable to soak the roots before planting. Maintaining a regular watering schedule for the first year after being planted is vital to the bush's health in the long run. This vibrant plant is a perfect addition to fountains, park settings, and areas bordering yards or buildings.

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